PowerShell 技能连载 - 在不同的 Domain 中查找

当你那使用 ADSISearcher 类型加速器来查找 Active Directory 账户时,它缺省情况下在您当前登录的域中查找。如果您需要在一个不同的域中查找,请确保相应地定义了搜索的根路径。

This example will find all accounts with a SamAccountName that starts with “tobias”, and it searches the domain “powershell.local” (adjust to a real domain name, of course):
这个例子将查找所有 SamAccountName 以 “tobias” 开头的账户,并且它在 “powershell.local” 域中搜索(当然,请根据实际情况调整名字):

# get all users with a SamAccountName that starts with "tobias"
$searcher = [ADSISearcher]"(&(objectClass=User)(objectCategory=person)(sAMAccountName=tobias*))"

# use powershell.local for searching
$domain = New-Object System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry('DC=powershell,DC=local')
$searcher.SearchRoot = $domain

# execute the query

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